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    We believe in the mantra ‘recruit for attitude, train for skills’. We’ve managed to combine both with our Open Recruitment and Training Courses. If you have a positive attitude, you’re willing to learn and want to improve your earning potential then look no further. We can train you to sell cars and then find you a dealership to work at!
    Ross Lebeter, Director – Jump Start Recruitment


    Some FAQ’s

    Tired of retail hours and poor money?

    Are you currently working in high street retail? Maybe selling mobile phones or energy?

    We know what those industries pay and I can imagine you’re tired of working long, unsociable hours for low pay.

    The motor industry offers unrivalled earnings for sales people, considering there are no formal qualifications required.

    Car Sales Executives can often earn over £50k p/a and quickly!

    How can we help you find a job?

    Competition for car sales jobs is high and it’s difficult to stand out from the crowd when you apply.

    Well, fortunately we are an active automotive recruitment company who work with most of the top motor dealers in the country.

    We have many clients who would like to hire the candidates who successfully complete our recruitment and training events.

    Once you’ve got the skills, we have access to current car sales jobs that we submit you for!

    What does the course involve?

    We combine recruitment activity with sales training.

    We want you to get the most out of this course, including a full picture of a ‘day in the life’ of a car sales executive.

    You will fully understand the role, the hours, the pay and importantly what you need to do in order to succeed!

    Let’s be straight – if you’ve made it this far you are motivated and capable, we are now looking to ensure you succeed and make lots of money!

    What happens after the course?

    After you have successfully completed the course, we will go into ‘recruitment mode’! We speak to dealers in your area in order to secure you interviews for car sales jobs.

    As any recruiter, we are a tool to make you stand out. We are unique and can make you two promises:

    1. When you pass the course we guarantee you a place on a motor dealer assessment day or an interview with one of our dealership clients!
    2. If we successfully find you a new job with one of our clients we will refund your training course fee in full!

    What’s more, the success rate at interview of our event graduates is very high – you have what many applicants do not – car sales training, a positive attitude and a quality reference from us!

    What happens if I’m offered a car sales job?!

    Excellent news! You passed the course, we got you an interview and you’ve got the job!

    Well this is quite normal actually. The process is the same as any career move.

    We can help you through resigning from your current position if necessary, right through to starting your new job.

    In many cases the dealer who hires you will actually use us for their advanced sales training too – so chances are we would see you again on our advanced sales training course before long!

    What is required in order to attend?

    You simply need the motivation to become a car sales executive!

    This is an action packed day with lots to learn. By the end of the event you will have passed the basic sales training course, meaning you can talk to customers both on the phone and face-to-face using the correct skills and techniques to be successful. You will have learned what a day-in-the-life of a car sales person is and can decide whether it is for you.

    This course is heavily subsidised for the general public and for those who are serious about furthering their career, it is £82.50+VAT well spent. Motor dealers certainly look favourably upon this too. They know you mean business!

    Run by motor trade professionals and specialists in automotive recruitment and training:

    Ross Lebeter

    Ross Lebeter


    Ross is a former wealth management and motor industry professional.

    He has experience in car sales departments with both main dealer and independent operators. He has spent the last 5 years in the automotive recruitment and training sector, culminating in the launch of Jump Start Recruitment in 2015, offering modern, successful and value-for-money recruitment solutions to both candidates and clients alike.

    Ross believes in the mantra, recruit for attitude, train for skills and has found a way to combine this for retail sales people looking for a way to join the car sales industry.

    He actively runs sales training and motor sales events for dealers across the country.

    Ross Lebeter LinkedIn profile

    Richard Lebeter

    Richard Lebeter


    Richard has spent his entire working life in the motor trade starting as a Technician and progressing to after sales and sales management, General Management and dealer group roles in sales, F&I and training.

    After a period in automotive recruitment, he has recently specialised in motor trade consultancy and training, with his experience allowing him to train motor trade employees from all departments.

    He was a sales process training manager for Perrys motor group for over ten years and has trained many budding sales executives who have gone on to manage dealerships and earn over £100,000 per year!



    Richard Lebeter LinkedIn profile

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    But don’t take our word for it
    • Sales Executive - Carlisle, Cumbria.

      I recently started as a car sales executive for a main dealer in Carlisle, having previously been a Valeter. I always wanted to work in sales and I’ve had the fortune to be able to under-go both the basic and advanced sales training with Richard and Ross. They have made a massive difference to my confidence and also skill level. I’m already selling lots of cars and my first pay cheque was double that of my old job!

      Sales Executive - Carlisle, Cumbria. Citroen UK
    • Sales Executive - High Wycombe, Greater London

      I have been a car sales executive for a short while and then I met Richard on a 5 day motor sales event. The advanced skills he has taught me are helping me sell more cars and make more money. The way he teaches us to sell is pressure-free yet fully informing customers to make a good decision that suits them. I love that and my customers do too!

      Sales Executive - High Wycombe, Greater London Citroen UK