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    We believe that traditional recruitment is dead. Fees are high and quality of service is low. Our automotive recruitment events have changed the face of recruitment for our clients – we can offer a higher level of search and selection, recruitment activity and built-in training for a fraction of your typical recruitment costs.
    Ross Lebeter, Director – Jump Start Recruitment


    Here’s what we do…

    Event Brief

    We start with planning what it is you want from the event. Which department are we looking to address – sales, service or parts? What type of person are you looking for? How many employees do you require from the event?

    All this information can be used to plan the scale and charges. We have found that a requirement for 2 or more employees makes our automotive recruitment events much better value for money than typical, standard recruitment activity and fees. You will see why below…

    Search & Selection

    All attendees will have been personally selected by experienced motor industry professionals.

    Candidates will have been through a thorough pre-event selection process including a telephone or video call interview. Only those with the right attitude and capacity to learn will proceed.

    Reference Check

    For the candidates successful at stage 1, we then reference check each one. We leave nothing to chance and only glowing references will be invited to attend the automotive recruitment event.

    Psychometric Profiling

    We will conduct an industry recognised psychometric profile test on each candidate, the results of which will be included in each candidate’s final report.

    For clients who already profile their staff, the candidates can be benchmarked against your existing team to ensure compatibility and team chemistry.

    For clients who do not profile their staff, we could discuss a way to benchmark your team for you prior to the recruitment event.

    Automotive Recruitment Event

    We work with you to produce a recruitment event that works for your business. Location will be agreed, whilst your branding and point of sale can also be utilised on-event should you wish.

    At this point, the candidates will undergo an intense 2 day recruitment and basic training course. This ensures that candidates are put through their paces as well as gaining a full and accurate picture of the potential job at hand.

    It also provides basic training to ensure that on day-1 the successful candidate will understand the fundamentals of the role. This enables quicker and happier integration into your team, systems and processes.

    Final interviews

    At this point we will have selected a small number of extremely good candidates, all of which would be capable of performing the job in question.

    It is now up to you and/or the site management team to conduct a final interview with each, looking to select your preferred employees. We understand that recruitment can’t only be about tests and science.

    Which is why you are now able to go with your gut instinct and pick the candidates you prefer, with the security that each candidate at interview has the profile, attitude and fundamental skills to succeed.

    Run by motor trade professionals and specialists in automotive recruitment and training:

    Ross Lebeter

    Ross Lebeter


    Ross is a former wealth management and motor industry professional. He has experience in sales and F&I departments with both main dealer and independent operators.

    He has spent the last 5 years in the automotive recruitment and training sector, culminating in the launch of Jump Start Recruitment in 2015, offering modern, successful and value-for-money recruitment solutions to some of the best motor groups in the UK.

    Ross believes in the mantra, ‘recruit for attitude, train for skills’ and has found a way to combine this for clients going forward.

    Richard Lebeter

    Richard Lebeter


    Richard has spent his entire working life in the motor trade starting as a Technician and progressing to after sales and sales management, General Management and group roles in sales, F&I and training.

    After a period in automotive recruitment, he has recently specialised in motor trade consultancy and training, with his experience allowing him to work in all departments.

    He works with large and small groups offering tailored solutions to sales, aftersales or management issues. Richard’s recruitment, training and development skills are invaluable to the automotive recruitment events success.

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    But don’t take our word for it
    • Group Sales Manager, Ireland.

      Richard and Ross organised and executed a fantastic recruitment event for us in Dublin. We needed 5-6 sales executives across 6 sites in the region. They then selected a number of candidates to attend the event that they ran here in Dublin over two days. This provided around a dozen stand-out candidates for us to interview. We employed 7 of those in the end making the whole event exceptional value for money.

      Group Sales Manager, Ireland.
    • General Manager, Midlands.

      Jump Start ran us a customised recruitment event where we aimed to employ three sales executives all with a non-motor trade background. We were looking for the right attitude, transferable sales skills and aptitude to learn. The event they ran was brilliant, serving as both a two day recruitment process as well as offering basic training to the delegates. Very happy with the candidates we chose from the event. Will use them again if required.

      General Manager, Midlands. Mercedes-Benz