Top 5 CV writing Tips

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Top 5 CV writing tips

Top 5 CV writing tips to help you secure that dream job this summer!

1) Short & Sweet!

Don’t be tempted to write the rigours of day-to-day responsibilities for every position you have held. Whilst you may think they are nuggets of information an employer would like to uncover, in truth the bulky paragraphs will overwhelm. We suggest listing 5 or so bullet points of key detail for your 3 most recent positions. After this you may list your remaining positions in chronological order detailing only employer, position and from/to. Saying less is also psychologically important too – it means they have more of a reason to see you in person. An interview is where they will want to further discuss the positions you have held and give you a better opportunity to influence and impress face-to-face.


2) The Detail

Whilst we want you to keep it short and sweet, the key is in the detail. You need to catch the eye. For your most recent positions ensure to include in your bullet points any impressive performance data, achievements and key responsibilities. All the while you must select carefully which of these to list, thinking specifically about the position you are going for next to impress your suitability upon them.


3) Be specific

If you are industry specific in your employment, ensure to be industry specific in your CV! As most candidates we deal with are specifically employed within the retail motor industry, their key achievements and measurables are directly relevant and meaningful to the hiring manager reading the CV at pretty much any other dealership. Whether you are submitting your CV to an agency or directly to an employer, we need to see the specifics if we are going to be impressed!


4) Hobbies & Interests

There more we discuss this with clients, the more we find that a personality within the CV will help you to stick in their mind. Don’t forget, you won’t be the only person going for this job. As they sift through the countless CV’s forwarded to them by a job board or their HR team you need to be memorable. Whilst what you do on a weekend wont necessarily help or hinder your chances of securing a job, it will help you stand out and stick in the mind of the person reading the CV’s. This can only be a good thing in an increasingly competitive job application market.


5) References

In our opinion you shouldn’t include specific people and contact details as references within your CV. Firstly, It isn’t being very careful with their personal contact information! CV’s posted to CV Library, Monster, Jobsite, etc are in the public domain and can be discovered by anyone with an access account. You should however include a statement at the end of the CV that references are available upon request. IMPORTANTLY, you must take the time to speak with any referee you have in mind. This will allow you to ask if you may pass on their details if required and to also discuss the role you seek. This will help to tee up a good reference to be given, one that is more specific in detail to the role you are going for. You never know, they may have moved on and could be interesting in re-hiring you too!



We hope this helps you in your quest for a new position. As a prominent automotive recruitment consultancy ourselves, we handle the professional writing of a CV prior to submission for a role. If you need any help at all in this area please feel free to comment below or contact us for further assistance. Don’t forget to check out our current vacancies within the motor trade. If you want us to look at your CV and help you improve it then simply send us you current CV using our registration page.



Happy Job Hunting!


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